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Nu Alpha Phi alumni events provide opportunities for alumni to reunite with each other and to meet brothers and sisters from other classes ... and, of course, Friends of Nappies who share our spirit and ideals. Any Nu Alph, Active or Alumni, can sponsor a Nu Alpha Phi event.

To plan your own Alumni Event, read the Planning Events section below and e-mail NAP Editor.
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Planning an Alumni Wash or Other Event
Consider these guidelines for maximizing turnout and the support I can provide.
Lead TimeTask
Six Months to
One Year
You select date, time, and location so we can include an announcement in an Oak Leaf. Ha!
Eight Weeks You select date, time, and location so we can order mailing labels from Pomona College so you can snail mail invitations. If you're nice and Chris Hall has some spare time and creativity, he may be willing to design a Nifty Nappie Notice to Appear.
Six Weeks You select date, time, and location so we can send the first of at least three e-mail notifications.
Four Weeks You send snail mail invitations (assuming you selected the date, time, and location early enough for us to order you mailing labels).
Two Weeks We send the second e-mail notification.
One to three
days before
We send the last e-mail notification.
Zero Day You panic. Assume no one is coming. Don't laugh, it happens. Just ask Joel.

But seriously, you take photos.

You ask everyone to sign a "guest book." (The grocery bags you brought the ice home in works well.) Ask them to sign whether they're Nu Alphs or not. Just have them indicate FON where the rest of the maggots will indicate class year and maggot number if they remember it.

But seriously, you take photos. Use disposables if you have to.

Day -1 to -3

You get doubles or triples on the photos. Send us a set:
  Paul Nagai
  909 Marina Village Parkway #231
  Alameda, CA 94501

Or, if you prefer, just send the disposable to us. We'll handle processing and even return a set to you.

You write up a small blurb (e-mail is fine) describing the size and flavor of the event and anything else you think anyone anywhere might find remotely interesting ... or not. Complete lies are acceptable.

Month -6 to -12 We publish the photos and your blurb in an Oak Leaf.

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