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Actives: Get Free, Offsite E-mail!!!

All Actives, especially seniors, are highly encouraged to acquire an off-campus e-mail address so we can find and communicate with you after you've graduated and moved on.

Once you have your free e-mail, follow the appropriate set of instructions on the Update Your Address page.

Free E-mail 1

If you are or were a Pomona College student, you can get a permanent e-mail address (that automatically forwards to the e-mail address you currently use ... you update it when you get a new one) on Pomona's "Alumni Portal."

You can also search Pomona's alumni records once you have registered. A good thing. Recommended.

Free E-mail 2

I use (as a secondary ID) and recommend Yahoo!'s free e-mail service. Sign up here:
Yahoo! Free E-mail Service

Free E-mail 3

Select one of the bazillion free e-mail services listed here on Yahoo!'s free e-mail listings page:
Yahoo! Free E-mail Services: Directory Listing

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