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Oak Leaf Publishing Schedule: Editors' Pledge

Publishing the Oak Leaf in 1996 has been both rewarding, frustrating, and hopeful. We have seen continued improvement in its formatting and layout, a process that began when Chris Hall first published the Oak Leaf using a computer. On the other hand, we barely published two issues, and we have had to fudge a bit to date this issue December, 1996.

However, many changes, as yet invisible to readers, have taken place in the structure and process of developing the Oak Leaf. Many of these changes have greatly streamlined the production process. This very issue took a only short time to produce, technically. There were other difficulties unrelated to the technical production of the Oak Leaf. We waited for some photographic content which, though promised, was ultimately never submitted. Chris moved. Paul moved. Chris became a father. Paul got married. Paul's scanner ate his hard drive, etc., etc....

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Excuses, excuses!

Anyhow, many events, new responsibilities, and other factors contributed to the infrequent publication of the Oak Leaf in 1996. That will not happen in 1997.

While we don't expect you to believe, at this point, that just because we say so, things will improve in 1997. We are going on record saying it is so. In 1997, we will publish at least three issues of the Oak Leaf. We will send the first issue to the printer in late March or early April. We (and this "we" includes Matt Kosokoff '88 #982 and Robert Falconer '87 #976...whose ideas, time, and skills are critical) will continue to lay the foundation of a premier website.

It's a promise.

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