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First Alumni Wash

To foster opportunities for greater interaction between alums, the editors of the Oak Leaf are starting a new tradition of Alumni Washes. An Alumni Wash should be any sort of gathering a sponsoring alum would like to host. It could be a formal dinner, a sporting event, a concert, an IRC channel, a Winnebago, or, in our inaugural instance, a pizza fest. Any alum inspired and motivated to sponsor a Wash should do so.

When possible these Washes will be announced in the Oak Leaf, and therefore, care should be taken to plan them several months in advance. (Yes, we know, the Oak Leaf does not currently have a great reputation for publishing frequently, let alone on a regular schedule, but that is all about to change. See Editors' Promise for our pledge.)

The NAP website will always list upcoming events, their time and location, and the contact information of the sponsor(s). See Nu Alpha Phi Web Site for more information on the web site.

It will probably be a good idea to notify your local brothers and sisters through traditional media too (you remember, phones, fax machines, in-person), ... just to be sure they know about it.

SF-Bay Area Pizza Fest

The first Alumni Wash is being sponsored by your editors, Chris Hall and Paul Nagai. We will meet on Saturday, February 22, 1997 in Berkeley, California at La Val's Pizza, northside. Northside La Val's is located at 1834 Euclid Avenue and their phone number is 510-843-5617. This will be a casual, come-as-you-are, pay-as-you-go, pizza and beer fest beginning at 5pm. I'm confident we'll be there for at least two hours, but I expect it might go on for much longer.

Paul Nagai, Paul Nagai, 510-814-8144

Chris Hall, email_deleted, 510-644-0822

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