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President’s Column: Step Up to the Plate, November 2006

I am writing this column as the baseball season is drawing to a close, and my poor Dodgers are sidelined for the rest of the season. (They had hopes as a Wild Card in the playoffs, but could not pull off any wins and are now watching the post-season play like the rest of us.) They may not have won the Series, but at least they were in there swinging. Now its time for us to do the same.

Oak Leaf editor Paul Nagai needs some relief. He has a new baby, is working hard, and still manages to publish the OL. But its getting harder and harder for him. Paul has been a dedicated, hard-working supporter of our Alumni Association for many years, attending almost every spring Brunch, keeping track of our memorabilia, and mainly putting together our newsletter which you are reading.

Frankly, I think the Oak Leaf is critical to our existence. It keeps us up to date on our brothers’ (and sisters’) activities, notifies us of upcoming Brunch and Annual Meeting, communicates the Actives’ goings-on, and a lot more. But now we need a new editor – and some other helpers too. If you like reading about the Fraternity, why not participate? We try to publish twice a year, so its not an enormous load, just requires a bit of organization. Think about helping out.

Give me a call or e-mail and let me know how you want to step up the plate for NAP.

Jim Ach ‘63 #565


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